Unlock the Potential of Black Tumblers for Your Business

Unlock the Potential of Black Tumblers for Your Business

Are you in the sublimation business and searching for a high-quality black water bottle designed for sublimation?  Look no further! At Orca Flask, Unlock the Potential of Black Tumblers for Your Business we understand the challenges of sublimating on black surfaces and have crafted the perfect solution for you.

650ml Sublimation Black Stainless Steel Powder Coated Water Bottle with White Patch

Innovative Sublimation on Black Bottles

Sublimating vibrant images on black bottles has traditionally been challenging, but we’ve transformed that challenge into an opportunity for unparalleled creativity. At the forefront of industry innovation, we proudly introduce our matte black sublimation tumblers, which showcase strikingly vivid designs against a sleek black backdrop. When sublimated using vibrant colors, the contrast is not just visible; it’s stunning. The combination of our unique matte black finish and advanced Orca Coatings ensures each design not only pops but also maintains its vibrancy over time. Available in four sizes (550 ml, 650 ml, 750 ml, and 950 ml) and three image placement options, our tumblers are crafted to make your custom designs truly shine and stand out beautifully against the black surface.

Unmatched Insulation with Double-Wall Design

Our double-walled, vacuum insulated black tumblers do more than just look good—they keep your beverages perfectly hot or cold, adapting seamlessly to any season. This makes them an essential part of any product line, perfect for businesses looking to offer something truly special.

Matte Finish for a Premium Feel

Experience elegance in your hands with each tumbler’s sophisticated matte finish. Not only does it enhance the appearance, but it also provides a comfortable grip, making these tumblers a pleasure to hold during any activity—be it a long commute, an intense study session, or a vigorous workout.

Versatility for Every Environment

From the boardroom to the classroom to the great outdoors, our tumblers are built to perform. Their robust construction and stylish design make them ideally suited for professional settings, educational environments, and active lifestyles alike.

Why Partner with Orca Flask?

  • US Warehouse Locations: Enjoy fast, reliable delivery that keeps your operations smooth and efficient.
  • Competitive Pricing: We provide unmatched quality at prices that empower your business to grow and thrive.
  • Superior Orca Coatings: Our patented coatings ensure that each tumbler not only looks fantastic but endures the demands of daily use, maintaining its aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Ready to Elevate Your Product Offering?

Explore our selection today and see how Orca Flask’s sublimation black tumblers can transform your business offerings. Whether you’re looking to stock up or need a unique promotional item, our tumblers are sure to impress. Contact us now to get started!

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