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Sublimation printing is a popular method of printing on fabric or other materials that involves using heat and pressure to transfer dye directly onto the material. This process results in vibrant and long-lasting colors that are resistant to fading or peeling.

Unlike traditional screen printing, sublimation printing does not involve the use of inks or other pigments. Instead, a special dye is printed onto a transfer paper using an inkjet printer. The transfer paper is then placed onto the material to be printed and heat is applied, causing the dye to sublimate or turn into a gas. This gas then bonds with the fibers of the material, creating a permanent and high-quality print.

There are several advantages to sublimation printing compared to traditional screen printing. One of the main advantages is the ability to print high-quality images with vibrant colors and intricate designs. Because sublimation printing uses a digital process, it is possible to print complex designs with fine details and gradients that may be difficult or impossible to achieve with screen printing.

Another advantage of sublimation printing is the durability and longevity of the print. The sublimation dye bonds directly with the fibers of the material, resulting in a print that is resistant to fading or peeling. This makes sublimation printing ideal for high-quality, long-lasting products such as sports jerseys, promotional items, and other apparel.

In addition to these advantages, sublimation printing is also a more eco-friendly option compared to traditional screen printing. Because sublimation printing does not involve the use of inks or other pigments, there is less waste generated during the printing process. Additionally, sublimation printing can be done on demand, which means that there is no need for large production runs or excess inventory.

Overall, sublimation printing offers many advantages compared to traditional screen printing. With its ability to produce high-quality and long-lasting prints, sublimation printing is a popular choice for a wide range of products and applications. Whether you are looking to print custom apparel, promotional items, or other products, sublimation printing is a versatile and effective printing method that delivers outstanding results.

Certainly! To request a sample, please send us an email at Samples are available at bulk pricing, and you'll be responsible for the shipping fee.

No, all our stainless steel blanks come with our patented ORCA Coatings. These coatings ensure vibrant and long-lasting images after the sublimation process.

Absolutely! You can imprint your company logo or artwork using the sublimation process.

Yes, you can customization. You can send email first to

All our tumblers are not only BPA-free but also FDA approved.

Ordering Process

All bulk orders must meet a one-case minimum, typically containing 24, 36, or 48 pieces unless otherwise specified.

Yes, we offer discounts for orders exceeding 5 boxes. Please reach out to us at for more details.

Quality and Durability

The inner part is made of 304 Stainless Steel & BPA Free, and it is SGS and FDA approved.

While it's generally not recommended to put sublimation stainless steel products into the dishwasher, to maintain the quality and longevity of sublimated designs, it's advisable to hand wash these products with mild soap and warm water.

Shipping and Delivery

Order processing usually takes 3 to 4 workdays, and delivery typically takes 5 to 7 workdays.

We primarily use USPS, DHL, and UPS for shipping.

Currently, we only sell directly online within the U.S. on For other regions, please contact us at or visit

Returns and Refunds

Orca Flask accepts returns for most products within 30 days from the date of delivery. For more details, please check our Refund and Returns Policy.

Refunds for damaged or defective products are handled in two ways: We offer a discount on your next purchase or a full refund for the damaged part of the product.