Vibrant Transfers, Lasting Colors

Discover a world of color with Orca Coatings, where we go beyond the ordinary to deliver not just consistent but vibrant and enduring transfer images. Our commitment to quality ensures that your sublimation creations stand the test of time, maintaining their brilliance and richness with each passing day.

32 Years in Sublimation Mastery

With over three decades mastering the art of sublimation, ORCA FLASK is your reliable partner. Having served over 150 countries, we deliver consistent and reliable products that global customers can trust.

Save the Whales

In collaboration with the Save The Whales Foundation of Seaside, California, Photo USA is dedicated to preserving and protecting the oceans and its inhabitants, particularly the Orca whale. Your purchase of Orca-coated products contributes to the mission of the Save the Whales Foundation.


Our ORCA Coated Ceramic Mug has set a new record in the sublimation industry. According to the SGS REPORT, the ORCA Coated Ceramic Mugs from Photo USA can withstand 3500 cycles in a normal domestic dishwasher*. That means if you wash it in a domestic dishwasher every two days, you can use it for at least 10 years!

For information about the SGS Test Reports, please contact your account representative.
*we recommend handwashing for our stainless steel products to ensure the preservation of their vibrant colors and optimal quality.
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Photo USA‘s exclusive ORCA Coatings® deliver exceptionally vibrant colors and high resolutions across a diverse range of sublimation products, from ceramic mugs to stainless steel water bottles.
Developed with an unwavering commitment to the highest standards of product quality, our ORCA Coatings® leverage 32 years of industry-leading experience. This dedicated effort has resulted in a coating that surpasses all others in terms of quality, consistency, and durability.
With ORCA-coated products, we are confident in offering the best quality in the industry at the most competitive price. Choose Photo USA and our ORCA Coatings® for a promise fulfilled – you’ll receive nothing short of the best.
Orca Coatings Wave
“When I created this special coating, which I named ORCA, it was because of the beauty and power of this amazing animal. As I witness the destruction of their habitat, I have decided to become a part of the solution by supporting Save the Whales, because together, We Are Orca Strong!“

James Peng • Photo USA President

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