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At ORCA FLASK, our commitment to exceptional quality shines through our coatings. Experience vibrant and long-lasting sublimation images that resist fading, even after enduring 3500 dishwasher cycles and tackling everyday challenges.

Trusted Industry Expertise

With over 31 years of experience in the sublimation industry, ORCA FLASK is your reliable partner. We have served over 150 countries, delivering consistent and dependable products that our global customers can trust.


Photo USA’s proprietary ORCA Coatings® ensures exceptionally vibrant colors and high resolutions on a wide range of sublimation products, ranging from ceramic mugs to full-wrap polymer phone cases.
Our ORCA Coatings® was developed with a devotion to the highest standard of product quality. Using our 29 years of industry-leading experience, we engineered a coating that has surpassed all others in terms of quality, consistency, and durability.
Products coated with our ORCA Coatings® are dishwasher-safe,microwave-safe, and incredibly long-lasting. This means that the colors of your image will not fade from the product even after multiple cycles through a dishwasher! All of our coatings are also approved by the FDA and compliant with Proposition 65.
With our ORCA coated products, we are confident that we have the best quality product in the industry at the best price. With PhotoUSA and our ORCA Coatings®, you will receive exactly what you deserve: the best.

3500 Cycle Dishwashes proof

“Observing the orca’s threatened habitat, I embraced the ‘We Are Orca Strong’ mission.” Discover our ORCA Coatings range now

James Peng • Photo USA President

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